Children’s Stories Challenge Jan 18th 2016


I am so glad I finished the book just before New Year, although I still have a bit of last minor editing so then the book can be sold very soon. I have been working out the best way to work out about how people will purchase the book and thought of a Paypal button on my WordPress blog and deposit into account. Contacting everyone one on one through WordPress or Facebook etc is more meaningful and also getting to know what everyone is doing and able to support in their activities. I had put a lot of time into getting the book finished and now have more time to look at friends and followers activities before starting my last 4 children’s stories and activities sometime this year. Hoping you all having a good New Year. Regards Madonna


About outback7

Hello - I live in what is called the Outback in Queensland, Australia about 7hours inland from Brisbane. My husband works as an Assistant Nurse. The town is small where I live and is on the highway. We have a tabby cat called Camellia. I have been writing poetry for about 12 years in friends and families cards. Also a small amount of poetry written at school years ago. I have also written about 10 songs and hoping to have some put to music. In the early 1990's I had a flood of inspiration and wrote 8 children's stories and later on activities. Having a teacher background used to planning activities in tutoring and now different ones in my stories. On Sept 21st I started a Children's Stories Challenge to self publish all the stories and blog on Wordpress. I will complete four stories in a book then the last four stories in a second book as size better that way. Each story has a message. It's great to have the motivation after watching the movie Julie and Julia (Meryl Streep) that gave me inspiration to start the Challenge as I did not have that much motivation before. I also want to be able to encourage people in their goals and what they may not have done for a while. Regards Madonna

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