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Children’s Stories Challenge Tuesday 29th December 2015

Source: Children’s Stories Challenge Tuesday 29th December 2015


Children’s Stories Challenge Tuesday 29th December 2015

Tonight I FINISHED my book and now its off to the Printers!!! I have spent a lot of time on it lately and was wondering if the end would come. The book downloaded onto Blurb and already on its way. Great thing Cyberspace. Only one book ordered at the moment until I can afford more and ordered a PDF version that has been downloaded. It’s great that there is a good quality PDF that can be kept and I will probably put on USB or CD. Robert has asked some friends to come over for a cuppa and nibbles not sure if its New Year’s Eve or New Year’s afternoon so may be some visitors both days. Now I can get more into doing some more around home. It’s exciting there are two spaghetti squash growing and looks like the peaches are getting bigger. Hope you had a nice Christmas. We went to our friend’s home in our town and visiting family. Good time together and nice to be in our town. I have enjoyed being with friends outside our town and when we lived away but this year looked forward to being local. A blessed New Year to you all. Madonna  P.S  I will be keeping my blog and catching up on reading blogs that I follow. Next year sometime I will start on my last 4 children’s stories with activities. had motivation lately and have learnt to put more effort into doing more on my stories to finish sooner. Sometimes it takes time for things to come together.

Children’s Stories Challenge Tuesday 22nd December 2015

All the stories grammar is done.  It took a while today and yesterday but easy enough through the Grammarly program, going between the Booksmart program for my stories and copying to Grammarly. Tomorrow I will read the stories and proofread as I go and make sure all makes sense.  Then it will be checking the Acknowledgements list and Table of Contents. I am mostly happy with the setting out of the activities.

More small spaghetti squash coming on and the cactus fruit is green and waiting to go a pink colour. Tastes a bit like a soft apple. Rain needed out here in the Outback. A break tomorrow night as Carols here and Christmas day Robert and I with friends. First Christmas been home in about 4 years, will be good. Until tomorrow, have a restful night. Madonna

Children’s Stories Challenge Friday 18th December 2015

It turns out as I am writing fiction its acknowledgements needed not references. The stories are being changed to one and a half line spacing  and will print out an activity in this line spacing to see if it needs to go back to single line spacing. Looks like all the pictures are in now. Not sure if The Table of Contents will be staying and I will know later. There is certainly time taken up in changing line spacing and text moving around  on different pages.

Getting prepared for today, washing, wash up, friends coming to join us and we join with other friends, then ready to travel and sort out things for garage sale tomorrow for someone we know. Have a great and productive weekend. Regards Madonna.