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Children’s Stories Challenge Sunday 29th November 2015

Source: Children’s Stories Challenge Sunday 29th November 2015


Children’s Stories Challenge Sunday 29th November 2015

I have waited until the weather was cooler tonight to work on my stories. Changed the background to marone with yellow stars and white writing stands out more on the start of To Be Friends. The olive colour with red stars was too bland with olive, marone, postcard. The cover is looking good and way out there with red looking good with black and white print and goes with the photograph of the salmon tangram puzzle and Dusty the horse with cart. I need to get most things finished as this Wednesday choir practice for Christmas Carols and songs night (some choir sing and some both choir and community). I won’t make it to the Tuesday practice. Robert has some King’s parts singing solo in Good King Wensalas. I sing one verse solo in The First Noel. It’s next Saturday night at the Cosmos Centre grounds. Should be a good night. Hope all your preparations are going well both for festive season and goals with activities. Madonna

Children’s Stories Challenge Monday – Tuesday 23rd & 24th November 2015

Mostly working on the front and back covers of the book. All white print looked too much, so the stories names are in fluro green and blue and on the back cover as well. I want to change to fluro yellow instead of blue. The cover has a dark green background so I hope these colours stand out. The print has been changed to a more fun look instead of a more plain text. I did not want the page to look too crowded.

This afternoon it was much cooler than inside sitting under the mulberry tree with Robert and me having a cup of coffee. Then sat longer to water under the tree and the town water pressure was quite low. Well part of tomorrow its Camellia our tabby cat and I playing house. Bye for now. Madonna

Children’s Stories Challenge Tuesday 17th November 2015

Today I have gone through two stories checking that the story fonts are the same. The activities can be different depending on how they fit in the space and look. I changed the Arial font to Georgia (which most of the print was and seems to fit in with the stories. Changed a heading To Be Friends. The choir is practicing Christmas carols tomorrow night to sing with the community on Dec 5th. Not sure yet if I will be singing a song I have previously written so will hopefully find out tomorrow. Before choir and Thurs work on the date farm. Busy tomorrow also in the morning with visitors so may not get back to the stories for a couple of days. Bye for now. Madonna

Children’s Stories Challenge Monday 16th November 2015

I have changed the name of the story Freddy and The Jets to Freddy and The Speedsters. It turns out there is a football team in Qld that get shortened to The Jets. Anyway I like the Speedsters seems more catchy. So the title heading on the pages have been changed to Freddy and The Speedsters. Worked on more pages in Prince Dirk and Freddy and The Speedsters checking headings are correct, deleting headings that are on blank pages on the back of activities. In the Appendix on the activity page changed the script writing to Edwardian by King Seron which will match the story. Tonight mild chilli con carne and mulberry pie (homemade from the Morven markets). Bye for now. Madonna