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Children’s Stories Challenge October 28th 2015

Source: Children’s Stories Challenge October 28th 2015


Children’s Stories Challenge October 28th 2015

The picture and written breadcrumb cookie (biscuit) recipe was scanned in. I thought it would come out the same size with print big enough to read but the opposite happened. Then made the writing bigger and when it was printed out was a bit too small to read comfortably, so I went back to the original picture and zoomed it to make it bigger and the size is alright printed. Hopefully when it is printed in the book it won’t lose too much pixel resolution due to enlarging it in which case trying not to make the print too big. Until next time, Robert work on the date farm and choir workshop (special guests tonight). Madonna

Children’s Stories Challenge Tues 27th October 2015

I got a lot of work done today i resizing the print to go underneath the French postcard activity and deleting some print. All was able to fit in the correct perimeters. Also it took quite a while of seeing if I could find a picture layout to make the size bigger for the breadcrumb cookies (biscuit) recipe so in the end I scanned it to the desired size and scanned it back to join the pictures on booksmart ready to go on the page above the recipe. I have aimed to have no overlapping of size and am achieving that. Tomorrow we have the Major and CEO in town for an informal meeting on mutual concern for the town and surrounds. These meetings don’t come along too often so we are going. Hope all is going well in whatever your goals are. Madonna

Children’s Stories Challenge Monday 26th October 2015

Robert and I had a good trip away starting from Outback Queensland then into the Central Highlands and onto the coast looking at a houseboat and visiting family (really enjoyed the visit) and a neighbour I had not seen since 9 years old. Great time catching up. Spent more time tonight changing background colour to dark blue behind photographs in the story To Be Friends Inserted an activity what job your parent/s do to break up about four continuous story pages. More bold print to stand out. It is good to be able to spend more time at home. The amaranth planted have grown bigger. The leaves can be used in cooking and grain on top as flour and for biscuits. The flour can be a bit heavy so other flour is suggested to add to it. Have a great week. Madonna