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Children’s Story Challenge Wed 23rd September


Now the Grammarly program ad on is up and running on our computer. Tonight I checked spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, plagiarism check, etc. It certainly has come up with checks I was not aware of and so am able to correct them which is great. In between coming and going with the date farm and checking in on friends 98 or 99 year old mum it’s going to be a busy few weeks. Looking at coming home to water plants as well as work on stories. Robert and I have been working in the yard. He with setting up the tanks to eventually have fish and plants (aquaponics) weeding and helping me mulch fruit trees as well as other plants. The effort we have done looks good. I am looking forward to the Amaranth, Spaghetti Squash and flower seeds coming up. The corn, peanuts, and lemonade tree doing well but the white strawberries not so well. The plum and lemonade plants bought recently have the tiniest fruit on. We have to watch fruitfly. Also the brown on fojoya fruit plant I have taken some off and read seaweed help, so mixed some seaweed in water and put on leaves and plant. Hope all your plans and activities are going well. Regards Madonna