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Children’s Stories Challenge Sunday August 23rd 2015

Children’s Stories Challenge Sunday August 23rd 2015.


Children’s Stories Challenge Sunday August 23rd 2015

I have done a spell check but felt it needs to be more comprehensive. I am trying to work out which is the best Grammar Checker. There is Grammarly which the free download only has limited capabilities and can do more on premium pay per month. Grammarly seems to be goodl Then there is Ginger a free Grammar program and corrects sentence structure and grammar etc. The book I am doing has to be copied into a Word Document to get the Grammar Program to work. Still a lot to work out. Does anyone know of a good free Grammar program or low cost each month. Until tomorrow. Madonna

Children’s Stories Challenge Saturday August 22nd 2015

I have edited the last story in the book Freddy and The Jets. All four stories need to be read for further editing. Some photographs are above the image resolution but need to be enabling the reader to see the print or picture. I can print a page out on the printer to see how it comes ou as long as it’s inside the print parameters on the Edit Layout. This is seen if you get into the pink zone and above the print line then some of the print or photograph can be cut off in the book printing process. So best to have it on the page correctly.

Yesterday pumpkin seeds were planted and a type of vegetable like a cucumber. When we travelled a few weeks ago to see friends and family this vegetable above was given to us and the seeds are yellow. So seeds were somewhat dried out and some planted. During the day is warm and tomorrow around 30 degrees celsius and around 14 degrees celsius at night. Hope the frost is over as some plant damage and have covered some. A great weekend to you all. Madonna

Children’s Stories Challenge Friday 21st August 2015

I have been editing Prince Dirk and a Test of love today following the printout from my Editor. There was quite a lot to change example:

* Not repeating words that mean the same thing such as by sunries
* Be descriptive – the winding staircase to the dungeon
* Not telling but create an image of the story Crimson’s mane was badly tangled
* Keep the story about Prince Dirk and what he was doing not about King Seron in the
* Metres for measurement

Tomorrow is the Editing for Freddy and The Jets. Then I will go over all the stories to make sure all proof reading done and sentences in order. Until tomorrow. Madonna