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Children’s Stories Challenge Tues 26th May 2015

Children’s Stories Challenge Tues 26th May 2015.


Children’s Stories Challenge Tues 26th May 2015

I have been trying tonight to put the barcode on the back of the book with no success. It works on the page with copyright information and blurb symbol. I can go onto the Blurb forum to see if on that page is acceptable or see how it put it on the back page. Coming and going for a while so some days will be together. Have a good week with your activities. Regards Madonna

Children’s Stories Challenge Fri 21st May 2015 – Mon 24th May

I managed to make the barcode smaller and input it into where the pictures go to access for my stories. Robert and I have been trying to import the barcode into an image frame the smaller size and it will not transfer. Its the back cover and will go under the text box with writing in about the stories. I may need to look at my poetry book I had written and see how the barcode was positioned. Have a great weekend. Madonna

Children’s Stories Challenge Wed 20th May 2015

Hello to everyone hope you had a great day. The image box has been placed on the back cover to put the ISBN Barcode. I had to go back to the website that has the ISBN and into my account and downloaded the barcode in PDF. Pretty sure its been done before. Then getting the size right to go in the image box. Also changed the border around the children’s cricket and fishing photograph and its now white border with 4 decorative black corners like they had in old albums although you can still buy the corners to stick on the photographs (bought 13 years ago after we were married and doing wedding albums) Hope it stands out with light orange background. Bye for now regards Madonna