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Children’s Stories Challenge Tues 31st March 2015


There was some good rain out here yesterday in Outback Queensland. Thunder today and drops with no forthcoming rain. Hoping it goes also where needed just as it is out here. Some changes to the pages in the story Freddy and The Jets – bold headings and captions (12 font sized bold) placing 3 baseball photographs and sizing on first page of story, line up print to fit on the page and delete pages so baseball questions are next to the scanned baseball newspaper paper with answers. I will put Freddy and The Jets Wordsearch in this blog. MadonnaBaseJ

Children’s Stories Challenge Mon 30th March 2015


Today is the first day towards finishing my book. I have gone through page 43 – 55 and several pages now have bold headings. Also further things to do are to check story with track changes (editing) , whether to put caption and message in activity under info bites (about human and pidgeon messengers) and check that wordsearches are correct for Festive Music – To Be Friends and Character Names and Places – Prince Dirk and a Test of Love.

I had a good week catching up with my family in Brisbane. So glad I went. Hope all is going well and a wonderful Easter to you all wherever you may be. Regards Madonna