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Children’s Stories Challenge Thurs 12th Feb 2015


I am so glad speaking to a friend of mine today. She has given me incentive in working towards completing my book as she wants to put a banner on her webpage when my book is finished. Her web page is nearly finished. It may go beyond target date which is Easter this year and already back to working on stories today. I just needed a goal to work towards as had nothing in place. Last year I had the goal and got  a lot done as we were going away on holiday and I wanted to show family the finished book but did not get finished as situations changed and had to go away earlier. Since then had not goal until today.

Today things completed  (have not included minor changes)
* Edited Title to Are You Ready Set Go? Aligned story titles
* Edited blurb on back cover – A rich and poor family are neighbours (Edited to and through change          learn to build a positive friendship* Typed in 2015 as continuation of working on book and added Kelly Hart as there are 2 Editors

* Typed in 2015 as continuation of working on book and added Kelly Hart as there are 2 Editors   changed Header to Are You Ready Set Go?

* Acknowledgements added a friend for her poem on my storywriting and a friend for a banner on her webpage
when finished
* Moved text up 1 line so exceeding text message disappeared
* Bold for title of the story The Rescue
* Placed scientific name under flowers – Daviesia arborea and Acacia disparrima
Centred wildflower and fact Edited write two or more facts about (each one instead of about them)
* Heavenly Fish recipe put all in bold as needs to stand out as pinkish background may be a bit dark
Also bold for Safety of Campfire and changed sizing so not to have too much print in the text box. This
was the most fiddly page today and took quite a while.

As I went through wrote what I need to do –
* Put in Kelly Hart’s website address as already have Wendy Millgate’s website address in
* See if more acknowledgements needed
* When have gone through all the story pages and activities make sure page numbers are correct in
table of contents
* Work out why a couple of pages are blank
* Ask Kelly if story needs to be single line or 1.5 line spacing
* Do I need to delete Chapter 2 heading on The Rescue (look at trackchanges from Editor)
* Look at if need to change our fishing rod to his (check trackchanges from Editor)
* Write in Sago (dessert definition) some children may not know what it is

It’s great to get started again. Hope you are on track with your activities and the importance of setting a goal whether its a date and month or even you may go away on holiday and want to get most of it done beforehand. There is more than one way to achieve what you are doing. Bye for now until tomorrow. Regards Madonna.

Children’s Stories Challenge Fri Feb 6th


I look forward to doing more on my stories. Realised to build up my resources before doing a website. Given me new perspective. I have an idea of classic children’s books but have to see the need. Get the office organised. All the best with your activities. Madonna