Monthly Archives: January 2015

Children’s Stories Challenge Fri Jan 30th


I am realising after quite some time that I need to continue on my stories as well as working on the Petition to get back the sleeping and dining cars on the train out here and from Townsville to Mt Isa. It has become unbalanced focussing on one thing. I do not have to wait until the Petitions will be sent off in late Feb or early March this year as waiting for some to come back. It is possible to also work on the stories and work towards finishing it so children can read and use the activities to learn and challenge them. So its ok to do the Petition which helps a lot of people in coping with travel e.g. medical conditions etc and work on the children’s stories which is creating enthusiasm again. This is the year my book will be finished. If you are being challenged by the continuing of your project look at the balance of what you are doing and where your project comes into this and the goal of completing it. Thank you to everyone reading my blog. Regards Madonna

Children’s Stories Challenge Wed Jan 7th 2015


Thank you for looking at my blog even though I am not that active at the moment. Hope to be active soon even though I Still have some more Petitions to do in the losing of the dining and sleeping cars on the Westlander and Inlander trains. Only 5 signatures to go on I want to get the Petitions finished and sent away before the end of January as our state of Queensland in Australia has voting. A Happy New Year to everyone.