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Children’s Stories Challenge Tues Dec 23rd 2015

Children’s Stories Challenge Tues Dec 23rd 2015.


Children’s Stories Challenge Thurs Dec 11th 2014

Apologies for taking a while to blog. I had been away for our Anniversary and now have been working on sending out Petitions to stop the Westlander (Brisbane to Charleville) and Inlander (Townsville to Mt Isa) trains in Queensland Australia from losing the dining and sleeping cars on Jan 1st 2015. They say it it due to the carriages age. I also have a petition on people are signing and typing in Westlander and Inlander trains should bring up the petition. As there is only a short time left it is with thanks for the ongoing support to sign. I use the Westlander train to Charleville and Robert and I use the sleeper when possible to Brisbane. It is around 14hours travel on the train to Brisbane from where I live and further to Charleville and bus to Cunnamulla and Quilpie. A long time to sit up or try to sleep on seats.

I hope to get on with the last story soon with trackchanges. Thank you everyone that has been reading my blogs. I wish to spend a lot more time reading your blogs as well. Regards Madonna