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Children’s Stories Challenge Wed Oct 29th 2014

Children’s Stories Challenge Wed Oct 29th 2014.


Children’s Stories Challenge Wed Oct 29th 2014

Tonight I have gone through the Trackchanges of Freddy and The Jets and made the changes in the story. Some text needs to be realigned on some pages. Looking forward to going through the other 3 stories when I can print them out. It will take a while to go through each story depending how long it is. I will also go over all the pages of my book and make any changes in which I had noticed a couple and would be more.

Well a fair bit done as in Camellia our tabby had a wash as was quite hot yesterday. The mulberry jam I cooked recently turned out to be a good spreadable consistency on bread and a friend put it with her icecream and enjoyed it. The plants are growing. Waiting for Robert to help with wire and shadecloth to go over plants not only for the hot weather but protect from kangaroos and if possible echidnas. Looks like popcorn up, berlotti beans and will wait and see what else. Three artichoke plants, zucchini to plant and peas, beetroot. Potato plants up and planted some chia seeds today. Found one peach on and lots of small growing mandarins which is great after a very small harvest last time of three mandarins. Hope all your fruit and vegetables are going well. I look forward to going through the blogs on WordPress. All the best with your achievements. Madonna

Children’s Stories Challenge Tues Oct 28th 2014

I have all the edited trackchanges for the 4 stories. I have run out of ink and it would be somewhat of a process to write out all trackchanges. Guess I could do a couple of a time. If printed out can work much better. The first story trackchanges was printed out before we went to see family in New Zealand. Need to find it so I can start Editing my first story. Looking to get ink as soon as possible.

I got back yesterday after a couple of days with Robert and met the people working on the date plantation. Robert has been busy helping and the irrigation plumbing has been done. There is still more to do this week and ongoing even though automated. The markets were varied in Charleville with a lot of people and Robert and I got to go to The Black Sheep country cafe that has only been opened for just over a week.

Regards Madonna

Children’s Stories Challenge Thurs 23rd Oct – Mon 27th Oct 2014

Today I received the trackchanges for the 3 other stories I sent to the Editor. Looks like I have a fair bit to do going through the paragraphs and going through suggested changes. Then to re-edit the stories. This will also include the first story I sent Freddy and The Jets. Its been great in the help with the stories and dialogue and what would be good to keep and why and why to delete some.

Seeing Robert and friends. Robert my husband has been helping with the date plantation 300 trees already planted which adds an anticipated direction in our forward journey. He will be learning new skills especially irrigation which is good. More work on stories on return as will need time going through them. All the best with your ongoing activities.