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Children’s Stories Challenge July 31st


When I got home from Roma I worked on some Appendix pages – the enlarged picture of the jewellery box is on the back of the basket picture (that will have Christmas present pictures stuck in or around it) and the enlarged vintage car picture that will be on the back of the activity when the Christmas presents pictures are cut out and the correct 3 are chosen from the story. Then the challenge of scanning the End of Sentences Game and I have fit the game into the printable area with rules underneath.The game will need to be photocopied to make larger or the child/children write sentences on a separate sheet. Also I will keep the photograph of the vintage girl with the typewriter and her toy dog. The activity is to write or type a Christmas poem and the picture of the typewriter shows what earlier styles there were compared to using the computer keyboard. I remember at TAFE College here in Queensland in Australia in 1988 I used an old olivetti typewriter (had to have carbon copies) as well as electric typewriter and computer keyboard. Well off to sleep soon. Have a great day the rest of today and tomorrow. Regards Madonna.

Children’s Stories Challenge July 30th


Quite a different day today. I have been trying this afternoon befor 2pm for just over an hour to make somewhat larger the print for the end of sentences game and the rectangles thinking I needed them smaller. Then I went with a friend to Charleville and tonight came back with Robert. It turned out that the rectangles were way too small and now I have been trying for quite a while to make them bigger after printing and scanning several times. Now after getting back from Roma tomorrow I only have to move the boxes over a bit to the right and a bit bigger in length. Then on the left the dotted line can be drawn with the scissors added. Have to go to bed very soon as our friend is picking us up in her car at 9am in the morning. Madonna

Children’s Stories Challenge July 29th


I was able to find websites for the black and white Female Giants baseball pitcher from 1913, the Pinto baseball sketch, Eddie Gaedl short statured player. Wrote down answers to the end of sentences game in workbook. I scanned the game but it was too big for the printable area so will have to go smaller as the rules for the game will be underneath and just have the game rectangles with beginning sentences. There will be a separate sheet to write their answers on that will allow enough room. Also ruled a dotted line on fish tangram and cut out some paper scissors and stuck along the dotted line. I have had a few breaks and went out for dinner while having a conversation with an interesting couple that were travelling.
Off to bed soon and more to do tomorrow before Robert comes home later in the day. I need to get as much done as I can tomorrow as on Thursday both Robert and I or (if he is working) are going to Roma with a friend for the day. A friend of ours in Roma is due to have a baby so we will see if she is in hospital or at home. Hoping everything you are doing is going well and life is balancing which is at times a challenge. Goodnight for now. Regards Madonna.