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Children’s Stories Challenge June 30th

Children’s Stories Challenge June 30th.


Children’s Stories Challenge June 30th

Today I needed to reply to the email about having my stories edited. I was able to let the Editor know my stories are saved on the Word program and some activities on Word and others will need to be transferred to Word (hope will work out ok as may have to print and post activities) Stories will be sent by email and the activities are requested as well for editing for consistency in the book with the stories. Also answered what genre stories are, target age and core message. So I await a reply about how to proceed with the stories and activities for editing. Tomorrow will also do some more organising of pages especially Prince Dirk where I noticed some story was missing and I put on new Word document and now need to put into story on Booksmart. Find another vintage baseball photograph and email for permission unless use has been given on public domain. Robert will get ink for printer and when he is here I want to get the Wordsearches right and printed on the pages. Regards Madonna

Children’s Stories Challenge June 29th

The stories and activities are progressing well.  Last night a lot of rearranging the 2 Wordsearches done and nearly got it in the printable area and now will have to get more ink for the printer as needed to for a while. The black ink was still printing but last night became quite patchy. Good I have it on economic print so can get more black and colour from the cartridge which is good. I have printed the stories and most activities to go in a display folder and update as I progress. Today I copied the 4 stories and changes, spell check that went into new Word documents and was able to do a total word count. I have emailed to obtain a quote of the 4 stories to be edited. Cold here today more so due to wind. Yesterday warmer. Down south in other states here in Australia there is snow. Bye for now. Hope you are having a great weekend. Regards Madonna

Children’s Stories Challenge June 27th

I got back home this morning from Charleville and Robert saw me off at the bus and it was a very cold morning. While there answered the baseball game questions and circled the words in the bird Wordsearch making sure every sixth left over letter revealed the secret message going through the Wordsearch twice. Message is РFantastic! challenge.   I have been making the grid smaller and the lettering to fit in the printable space on the story page which is quite a task and hoping to have it sized tomorrow so I can put it on as an attachment to my blog tomorrow. Also the Wordseach of Prince Dirk titled Character names and places needs to be resized for the story otherwise writing will be cut off if not in printable area. Tonight emailed the answers to the baseball questions. I met two people on the bus today and the lady will be working here in town and she had a beautiful 5 week old collie cross puppy with winter coat on. We had a hot drink together and talked at home which was a good time together. A nice hot drink soon. Hope everyone had a good week and worked on your projects. Goodnight. Regards Madonna