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Children’s Stories Challenge May 27th – June 2nd


Happy with progress today. Wrote to ask permission for black and white vintage photograph  of lady playing baseball and later want to get one of a vintage man playing baseball as well. Wrote to ask permission to use vintage recipe fruit candy I hope to use for Christmas recipe for story To be Friends. Changed some background colours of story pages and enlarged map and shifted man on horse picture to go in middle under map for Prince Dirk and a Test of Love story. Be back on board later next Monday or Tuesday after being away. All the best with your week and weekend.  Regards Madonna

Children’s Stories Challenge May 26th


The photograph in public domain of the toy ball is free to use after finding the website. Found another more appropriate hat photograph from public domain (wrote to ask permission from author of the photograph) even though it is an Easter Hat looks more like the 1950’s than the pink hat I had that looked like the 1920’s. Then spent quite a bit of time trying to find the author/s relating to the year 2000 The Olympic Factbook. I have permission from the Publisher and they wrote I need to put the author/s and year in as there were quite a few Olympic Factbooks published. I found a blog of a teacher/writer who answered questions about year 2000 Olympics and referred to The Olympic Factbook through to the year 2000 so I sent him a message comment.

Well the Morven bushdance and Dinner has been a successful night. Taking photographs was a bit more challenging re – lighting, at first talking over music to get permission and names for photographs (waited until quieter later), moving past chairs and tables and people moving while dancing. Overall though I became more relaxed with the photographs as the night went on and more room to move. Robert and I enjoyed the night. Great to see visitors from Holland, England and Perth Australia at the dance.Going away this Wednesday and back next Monday. Hoping we can work more on Wordsearches while away.  Regards Madonna

Children’s Stories Challenge May 24th


The cover of the book underneath the photograph of Dusty the horse and cart I have put the title – stories and underneath the name of each story. Also went through to see that all the print was sitting right on the page and have to correct later some line spacing. It was strange that what I had typed on the cover some went on a couple of pages on the header at the top of a story. It looks more like the story is progressing well in layout. Must go now and get rest of washing out when load finishes and Robert and I to get ready for the Bush Dance and Dinner tonight in a couple of hours. Hope you are all having a good weekend. I continue the blog tomorrow. Regards Madonna