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Children’s Stories Challenge Apr 29th – May 3rd

Children’s Stories Challenge Apr 29th – May 3rd.


Children’s Stories Challenge Apr 29th – May 3rd

The time is flying. I was able to email a game site that has baseball on it to ask permission to use their website link in my book. Also emailed about permission to use a prince and princess painting from public domain that was also on a lady’s website. Hoping Robert and I can work more on Wordsearches when he comes home this weekend but there is not much time as he is doing a course through the week and work some nights. Robert’s birthday tomorrow. I am catching a train tomorrow (slow train and booking sleeper as Thurs will be a long day and night and I need some sleep as I can’t sleep sitting up) to go to Brisbane and stay with my cousin’s Thurs and Fri nights to go to my relatives funeral. Come back by bus and Robert will be here by then. Thank you for following my blog and all the very best. Regards Madonna

Children’s Stories Challenge Apr 26th

Tomorrow I will go through progress made on the stories and go through emails. I need to make sure all the activities are included.  See how much the proofreader costs for my stories. The first home grown luffah sponge given to a friend  and it was a good size and well shaped, quite exciting. Off to sleep soon. Regards Madonna

Children’s Stories Challenge Apr 24th

It’s good to be back on task as I got home yesterday with my husband Robert. Today I have changed a couple of background page colours and included some references. Still some more confirming permission. Soon I will need to contact the editor/proofreader to go over my children’s stories as the way the dialogue is and the grammar etc needs to be correct. I spoke to the newspaper Journalist and gave her an update of my progress. She asked me when I will be finished and I said Sept 21st this year and she is looking forward to that date and possibly another article of my completion. It will be a great day. Also have been busy doing research for the dental internship I am undertaking which not only means human dentistry but animal dentistry as well. Hoping you all had a blessed Easter and your progress is going well. Regards Madonna