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Children’s Stories Challenge March 30th


I was able to match the colour backgrounds with the first page of each story. Some background colours were not fitting in with the picture or photograph. Also the size of the picture of Tuppence the dog and Choo Choo the monkey was made smaller so the area was not to dark for writing on the lines. One mulberry nearly ripe and some red and some green and only a small amount on at the moment. Picking broad beans (grown from a dried lima bean). Bye now Madonna

Children’s Stories Challenge Mar 28th


A fair bit achieved today = emailed to make sure I can use prince and princess picture for free as original is free to use.  Emailed about interactive baseball game.  Looked up search archive message on Facebook and wrote down website relating to woven basket picture for activity in which pictures of presents are cut out and placed in or around basket picture for the story To Be Friends.  Printed off Character study activity for the story To Be Friends where the name of the character in the story is written in the circle at the top of the diagram, then two traits of the character and write in the square.  In the bottom rectangles provide a quote or example of each trait.  I am looking forward to receiving emails I have sent so I can start to finalise all my activities.

Out here in Outback Qld we have had some rain which we are grateful for.  Some other areas of Queensland have had so much rain that there is flooding.  Hope all is well where you all are.  Regards Madonna


Children’s Stories Challenge Mar 25th


Today I have been going through some emails from stories and emailing any with more permission maybe needed – asked for a photo and found National Park government website contact form to gain permission to use information on wildflowers from the Bush Telegraph (newspaper). I have permission to use the end of sentences game. I will email to see if alright to change the beginning of the sentences. Need to look up an activity on Test Designer. It is amazing how long it takes to go through emails and making sure all included. Robert is coming home tomorrow which I am looking forward to. Hope we can go out for dinner, maybe pizza. Well some stretching exercises to do and Camellia our cat goes to bed. Thinking what to eat tonight. All the best. Madonna