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Children’s Stories Challenge Feb 28th

Children’s Stories Challenge Feb 28th.


Children’s Stories Challenge Feb 28th

Looked up two Australian wildflowers The Golden Weeping Pea (Daviesia arborea) and The Glycine Pea (Glycine  clandestina) for an activity in the rescue. Some information is written about each wildflower. There will be another four I will be looking up. Permission will need to be gained when finding information on the websites. I hope all your different projects are going well whatever you have taken on Encouragement also to all the writers and I thank you for looking at my blog. Madonna

Children’s Stories Challenge Feb 27th

I have looked through my stories at the activities. To Be Friends had the most activities and was planning to have a craft or recipe in the story and will put with Prince Dirk and a Test of Love that has less activities. I don’t want too many activities if the story is short and some activities go to to back like an Appendix as they are to be cut out or coloured so as not to spoil other pages in the book by colour going through or cutting, so best in the back. There will be a reference in the story about the activity and to turn to the back. Also I will need to look at putting answers to some activities in the back and I don’t want it to be too easy having answers. In some books the answers are upside down. I thought maybe I could put most of the answer but leave out some letters to work out.  Off to see Robert today and we will see a friend tonight. Then I will see him on either Fri March 7th or Sat March 8th and we make our trip on March 8th towards Brisbane which we are looking forward to, getting back looks like March 13th due to Robert working the next day. March 15th my birthday and going to a Country Women’s Association district meeting and hope I can stay with Robert until the Monday. See what his work roster is doing. Be good to spend a bit of time with him for my birthday. Madonna

Children’s Stories Challenge Feb 26th

I got a fair bit done tonight.  Able to make sure the story print font matched. The activities have a few different print font which depends on how the print fits into the activity, the page and the story. The picture of the basket for an activity in To Be Friends was too small so I scanned picture after making it larger on the screen. To keep it larger on the screen without scanning would mean (by the message in editing) that it would not print so clearly. The letter of apology for Freddy and The Jets is in place. So tomorrow I can go through again the activities for each story and if needing more balance to add or take away activities. Also have to look up some Australian wildflowers on the internet and gain permission to use the information from the internet and information from the Bush Telegraph, Brisbane Forest Park newspaper. I emailed the seems current email to the Environmental Protection Agency but after email was sent came back as not going through. So I will keep trying another contact maybe make a telephone call.  Madonna