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Children’s Stories Challenge Dec 30th

Children’s Stories Challenge Dec 30th.


Children’s Stories Challenge Dec 30th

Today I scanned the fish tangram the correct way up and inserted into my story and it went on a different page twice, so I have to work on getting it on the correct page.  The scan of the grid has not come out so well. So will keep trying to get a clear grid to go on the story page. I have written up the Baseball field information. Tomorrow I look at getting grid clearer and get fish photograph on the right page. See then what else I will do. Have a great day. Madonna

Children’s Stories Challenge Dec 29th

Heading towards New Year. I read in a home magazine from the person introducing the magazine that they declutted in January. I thought that would be a great idea for January as there is a room in our house that my items need to be sorted. Its a good challenge for January. Today I will write up the baseball field points that will go on the page and letter of apology. Have to turn off computer soon as getting hot, about 44 degrees celsius today. Madonna

fish tangramYesterday quiet story wise.  Today – Fish Tangram shapes drawn on fish (salmon) picture.. Each shape will be cut out separately and most likely stuck in no particular order on a new page with space around them. Then cut out and put together to make the fish picture.  I also went over the grid with a thicker pen  for the Prince Dirk story and it came out well when scanned.  Later today I will put more into note form information about a baseball field (diamond).   Regards Madonna