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Children’s Stories Challenge Oct 31st


Well Robert and I got home this afternoon from Roma. The trip was good in visiting friends, work done to the ute, collect a sleeping bag I left behind with a friend when I went on camp, house/pet sat and said goodbye to friends that are moving to another State in Australia.  As we were looking through my friends photographs where we were staying in Roma she found monkeys well really look like an Orangatang. So I have just have downloaded from email onto my USB stick and looked to see which ones look best in the story, some the faces can’t be seen propertly. Looking to see if I will choose a very young Orangatang or an adult. Have to get permission to use the photographs. I want to download from my computer some photographs that will go in the stories.  Hope all your projects are going well.

Bye for now until tomorrow. Madonna


Children’s Stories Challenge Oct 25th


Looking at replying to emails that are allowing me to use bird names for the Wordsearch that was in printed tourist literature. Work towards getting wordsearch constructed that my husband is good at doing and is willing to help with in which I’m thankful.  Won’t be near computer later tomorrow will see about accessing computer when possible. Beautiful cooler weather the last couple of days even if 30 degrees.  Regards Madonna

Children’s Stories Challenge Oct 24th


Finished putting into order Prince Dirk and a Test of Love. Still need to organise text on page properly lining it up. Insert map and legend. Place unjumbled message activity on page. I’m looking forward to all the activities being done and placed. Be great how it all looks as it goes along and when finished. As I go along there is more that shows itself to do. It keeps the motivation going to start off working on the stories before going on the internet and keeps the wheels turning towards future things to do on the stories. Today is cooler and waiting for the rain.  The very best to all.  Madonna

Children’s Stories Challenge Oct 23rd


I’ve gone through the second story To Be Friends and read sentence comprehension, and positioning on the page. Also making sure instructions correct in activities. Each day progress is being made no matter how small or large the input.  I look forward to putting in the photographs. Always a challenge revisiting actions done a while ago such as photograph sizing and importing these from a file is somewhat straight forward. Positioning photographs onto backup documents to be done as well. Hope all is going well with your projects.

Regards Madonna


Children’s Stories Challenge Oct 22nd


Greetings to all.  it’s 2.19pm in the afternoon here in Queensland Australia. Four stories have gone through a spell check, read through and edited The Rescue. Need to look at spelling again to look up some words that were not included on spell checker. A couple of photographs of pet fox terrier dog Tuppence and monkey Choo Choo neeed to be added.  Need to go through other stories and edit sentences and what is said. I am looking at sending the stories to a Proofreader/Editor later.

I had a great meal at our local hotel dining room last night – Chicken Parmagama, vegetables and chips. Morven I have found is an encouraging community even though small about 265 people or bit less. There are farming properties out from Morven with quite a lot more population. Even though a small town (on highway) people leave and people come to live here. Recently new people have moved into town and houses up for sale.  Four years ago I had a major foot operation to straighten my foot and the community was encouraging. What is your community or town like?  Bye for now.  Regards Madonna

You Tube


I managed to upload some of the same photographs on You Tube and write about the Children’s Stories Challenge. It can be found if youself or others type in Children’s Stories Challenge. It’s making people aware of the Challenge and a link to  A great way of sharing what projects we are doing or want to do.  Madonna