Day 8 Children’s Stories Challenge

Good afternoon

Today has been short but quite productive. I looked at all the activities included in the story to see if there was a balance of story to activity for each chapter. Looked at preview of page layout and how each page sat next to each other. Saved some on a word document. Is anyone else putting together a book at the moment as it would be great to hear how you are going.

As I will be away from later today for just over a week I will be thinking of ways to work on my stories as I will not have access to a computer for a few days. Some ideas are go over activities in my other stories, maybe email relating to using activities, edit stories etc. So I will not be able to blog every day but will catch up and put each day’s progress. When at home again I can blog every day.

All the best to everyone. Madonna


One thought on “Day 8 Children’s Stories Challenge

  1. outback7 Post author

    Day 9 and Day 10 Children’s Stories Challenge
    I went through activities that would be relevant to the story To Be Friends. Questions and answers relating to the story. Endings to sentences game of problem solving relating to communication, friendship, growing, separation, longing to correspond. Join dots by adding amounts that will reveal a Christmas picture. Pictures include a basket, handkerchiefs, socks, china jewellery box. Crossword about Christmas. To Be Friends is about a poor family and well to do family living next to each other. The father of the well to do family does not want to talk to the neighbours as he has a reputation to uphold as a Stockbroker. His wife wants to talk to the family next door. He loses his job as the Stockmarket crashes and ends up working with his neighbour next the railway. After a while the two men are friends as well as the families. I am at the library and had trouble where to put new blog so wrote in comments.
    Goodbye now have a great day! Madonna


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