I was inspired by the movie Julie and Julia where Julia learns to French Cook and gets a recipe book published. Many years later Julie needs a challenge in her life so cooks for a total of one year from Julia’s book and succeeds with over 500 recipes cooked which was quite a challenge in itself.

I am taking up the CHALLENGE  of completing my  8 children’s stories and self publishing into a book/s starting today and what better day than the anniversary of Robert and I first meeting 13 years ago . The end date will be 21st September 2014. I will write a blog every day. I look forward to your comments and your friends comments and would also like to hear of your challenges as well.

Today I will rearrange some pages from the story The Rescue. A great chance to think this morning at Hamburg Creek sitting under the trees and watching the geese and little goslings.



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  1. Well its day two of the challenge. It’s amazing how one and a half hours can go by quickly especially when you are changing pages around, inserting pages and seeing what will and won’t work. Turns out the horse and cart photograph I had in the story already was not on my pictures selected. Looks like I had just cut and paste it to the story from word document. So I went through photographs and found another picture and made sure this was imported into where my photographs go.

    I self publish with and the program I am using is Booksmart. Is there anyone else out there doing writing through Blurb? Also are there others that have not had as much motivation like I was and would really like to write and complete their book. Go for it. It will be a great goal. Nice sunny day out here in Outback Queensland. We look forward to the rain. Be great to hear your comments. Until tomorrow. Madonna

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