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Day 8 Children’s Stories Challenge

Good afternoon

Today has been short but quite productive. I looked at all the activities included in the story to see if there was a balance of story to activity for each chapter. Looked at preview of page layout and how each page sat next to each other. Saved some on a word document. Is anyone else putting together a book at the moment as it would be great to hear how you are going.

As I will be away from later today for just over a week I will be thinking of ways to work on my stories as I will not have access to a computer for a few days. Some ideas are go over activities in my other stories, maybe email relating to using activities, edit stories etc. So I will not be able to blog every day but will catch up and put each day’s progress. When at home again I can blog every day.

All the best to everyone. Madonna


Day 7 Children’s Stories Challenge

I put all the pages in order. Then went over the preview how each page matches up and the chapters, need to match the pages in better sequence. The start of the chapter looks better placed on the left page and next page on the right, also where the activities sit in relation to the story. I’m looking to see if not too many activities. I have decided to have an unjumbled activity and also add a fish tangram. The activites will have a blank page at the back especially when colouring or more firmly pressed pencil or pen. There are 24 pages for The Rescue and will be extra for inserted blank pages for activities.

Tomorrow getting organised towards travel and working towards getting my husband organised for his trip to where he will be working. Amongst all that catching up with friends and going on a camp. Camellia our cat gets to travel in a wooden unit made by Robert that is the width of the ute. It has an open wire door and slats underneath for airflow and has toiletry area, eating area and sleeping area. This unit has been great for travel as not enough room in cab of ute.

Goodbye now I will write more tomorrow and organise before then what I will do towards my stories.


Day 6 Children’s Stories Challenge

Hello everyone

I was out most of today where my husband was able to be shown around the Nursing Home where he is to work as an Assistant Nurse. Even though we did not get home until tonight I was still working on ideas for my first story The Rescue. I’ve decided not to have an activity of unjumbling words it will be a tangram activity instead. Shapes are cut out to form a picture that relates to the story. Trying to make the activities interesting and varied as well as educational. There will be real photographs in each story.

Also today I went into out local Newspaper office with my typed stories and asked if they could do an article on my challenge of completing the 8 children’s stories in one year. The lady said yes we will do an article which looks like being in the newspaper next Thursday. Local stories are welcomed. All my stories are displayed on the desk except one that I hold up to the camera. Hope it encourages others to progress ahead.  Tomorrow I look at all the pages being in order and any blank pages deleted. 

I look forward to blogging tomorrow. Madonna

Day 5 Children’s Stories Challenge

Tonight I looked at what activities I have included in The Rescue and added one more. Activites are

1.  Look up at home or library 3 wildflowers and 2 points about each one.

2. Draw picture of Greenlea Downs from example picture. Add tents, campsite, track, pets, family or friends camping.

3. Jumbled words (parts of some words are in other words and need to be joined to make each word) the words are about the nature of the two pets.

4. Choose one day from the story and write down an activity for each time slot.

5. A journal entry and how you felt if you were the character Sandy and was lost in the bush. What other ways can you    think of to get back to the campsite?

6, Wordsearch on Endangered bird species at the end of the story.

I’m not sure if I will have an activity that is an extensions of one of the activities above – a short newspaper article.

Tomorrow my husband gets to see where he will work and talk to the person he needs to speak. to. Looks like accommodation may be sorted.

Bye for now Madonna

Day 4 Children’s Stories Challenge

It’s been quite a warm day here for being Spring out in Outback Queensland. Just over half an hour ago when I looked at the temperature it was 37.2 degrees. Last month was the last of a mild winter even though we did have some frosts. I’m sure the plants were confused getting new leaves on just before Spring started and then the frost came again and killed some of the mulberry leaves but the good thing was there were still enough green leaves on so the young mulberries could grow. Some weeks ago it got hot during the day and then cooler again. At night about a week ago about 5 degrees and just been 9 and 10 degrees and getting warmer. Even though it can be warm at night is cools off somewhat compared to the coast of Queensland where it is humid and quite warm at night and day. We have drier heat here.

Today I arranged some more pages in order and made sure the text was right. It can be very time consuming but I look forward to progress. How is your weather there and your challenges?

Until tomorrow Madonna and Camellia (our tabby cat)

Day 3 Children’s Stories Challenge

I managed to get nearly all my pages of The Rescue in order, just some text not in order looks like one page. Tomorrow see if all text is correct and also including activities in order. It’s great I just finished on my stories tonight even though just after 11pm and started just after 9pm. In some other countries you may be just starting your day.  Even though later I’m working on progress, managed to achieve the watering of my fruit trees today, mulberries on, peaches small and see if mandarins come on as none for years. I guess more watering helps.  I’m trying to grow some gourds and a choko. Also quite busy as my husband is changing jobs being closer to home and arranging accommodation. Our cat Camellia to look after. Plenty still to do at home. All going ok. Until tomorrow.  Madonna