Children’s Stories Challenge Thursday April 23rd 2015


Today I have arranged 3 pictures at the top for Freddy and The Jets making them bigger in height and less text underneath. On the next page is print from the first page of Freddy and The Jets that was in bold and changed to not being highlighted. The baseball questions have been put in bold as its a light fawn brown background with light white stripes, print to stand out. The baseball article fitted into printable layout area and also the same with the baseball diamond diagram.

A friend has been helping Robert with the undercoating of the steel fence and looks like tomorrow the terracotta paint over the top. Maybe another undercoat first. Dinner (tea) is on marinated steak with vegetables and maybe pasta. Have a good evening or day! Madonna

Children’s Stories Challenge Wed April 15th 2015


Worked on stories today –
1. Bring line up to previous page
2. Change white text into dark bold to stand out
3. Prince Dirk on horse picture edited to fit in printable area
4. Info Bites on Carrier Pigeon and activities instructions changed to bold to stand out
5. Emailed back about gaining permission of link relating to sago recipe and information
6. Need to find CWA cookbook for old recipe (1950’s) and contact CWA for permission.

More tidying today towards guests staying. Robert has been busy on the date farm and home more and helps me in organising rooms for guests and other parts of house. Helpful as I can do so much and need help with shifting things, lifting etc due to mobility. Waiting for rain out here. All the best with your activities. Madonna

Children’s Stories Challenge Tues 14th April 2015


I found a picture of a sago palm on Public Domain. The story of The Rescue has the mother cooking sago. I am seeing if I can get permission to use a mango, coconut milk dessert recipe of sago and how to cook sago. See if I can add a photograph of the sago palm. In cooking sago in the past my mum used to boil it and add orange juice to it. Madonna800px-Sago_Palm3 Sago is usually boiled until the white is no longer showing and it is clear. Sago is made into desserts, drinks and put into cake. It is similiar to tapioca and is smaller. Sago can be bought in packets in the supermarket.